That Google update – why good content is key to search success

Google’s Penguin update has ruffled plenty of feathers in the online marketing world – and it’s easy to see why.

After years of promoting link building as THE means to improve rankings, suddenly, Google is punishing sites with the “wrong” kind of links. For certain SEO specialists, that has rendered years of link-building work worthless – or even destructive.

That’s bound to hurt.

But now the dust is beginning to settle, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the much-maligned Penguin update is actually an opportunity for quality content to reclaim its rightful place as king. And the key to making the most of the new, smarter Google lies in distinguishing between “bad” links and “good” links.

“Good” links; links that drive human traffic to your page, have always been more difficult to get than the easy, numbers game-driven, “bad” links that Google is now punishing. But the fact that Google is suddenly wise to the culture of “bad” linking means putting effort and resources into acquiring those difficult to get, “good” links, is more essential than ever.

How do we do this? With good content. Credible, worthwhile content aimed at human beings rather than computers.

The question companies need to ask themselves, then, is, “Is our content good enough?” Does it make sense? Is it readable? Is it informative? Does it have a clear call to action? Will it build credibility naturally by prompting reader-driven linkage?

That’s the rub. To achieve those all-important high rankings, your content, whether written, audio visual, or interactive, must be worthy. And we can help.

Purple Imp’s experienced creative team can assess and revamp your site’s content from top to bottom with Google in mind. Whether it’s graphic design, SEO, copy editing and writing, or even interactive media like games and quizzes, our experts can transform your site – and its fortunes.

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