Purple Imp Launch The Coolest Label In The World For McQueen Gin

We have had the extreme pleasure of working on a top secret project with one of our cool clients, McQueen Gin,  to develop and launch a first for the UK.

Introducing you to the World’s Coolest Label.

McQueen Gin, based in Callander, Scotland, has today (2 FEB) launched the ‘World’s Coolest Labels’ which come to life to create an exciting, immersive gin experience for customers.

By scanning the label via the dedicated McQueen Gin app, each bottle showcases the hidden inner secrets of McQueen Gin with a unique full-length animation, giving the drinker a bombardment of all the senses.

They can take a virtual dive into McQueen’s black cherry and vanilla gin pool, or learn about the spirit of Ben Ledi – the mountain which overlooks the distillery – behind its Highland Dry Gin, or follow the antics of the maverick lemon cartoon character and experience a crazy colour explosion.

The technology has taken a total of six months to develop.

Dale McQueen said;

“We are the original spirits mavericks. We didn’t enter the world of gin to be like everyone else, we don’t conform. Our bottles are different, our labels are different, our flavours are different. It’s how we do things, it’s the McQueen Way.”

During the global pandemic McQueen have managed to increase sales and also their team by 40% more than 2019, with production capacity now at 5 million bottles per year, or a case of gin every 8 seconds.

“We love making a quality product in Scotland that’s enjoyed in all corners of the world, but who wants to be another gin company, another brand that’s just forgotten about. We want people to not only drink McQueen (responsibly) but think McQueen. So we brought world class augmented reality, an individual unique experience, to each of our gins.”

Vicky added

“It’s quite simple really, you download our app from the app stores, you point it at the label on the bottle you have bought and you get a hugely entertaining experience. I have my personal favorite but I love all 6 of them.”






With the launch of the new ecommerce store, the new bottles are available online. Stuart McMillan Operations Director added

” The way the range, the bottle, the app, and the world’s coolest label have been received, I think I’ll have to cancel all holidays for the production team to meet demand”.

This has been a journey and the Purple Imp team from idea conception to the launch of the label have loved every second. The Chief Imp added,

“It’s not often we are afforded the opportunity to let our imaginations run wild, it’s been awesome working with McQueen and for the team to be able to say we launched the coolest label in the world, and on the day of launch we rank #1 in Google for “worlds coolest label” and that is well, pretty cool !”

From design to development, to AR and PR, with a little bit of SEO and influencer engagement, this project had it all.

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