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You may have read recently about an increase in cyber-attacks, some of which can have a devastating effect on your website. Security is always at the forefront of our minds here at Purple Imp and when the team sit down to create a new website, it’s an area we won’t compromise on. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a minute to note down a few of the main things we take into consideration to keep our websites as well protected as possible.


Oh No! Sad hacker is sad. Threat level: Low

1. Passwords- We appreciate that having a password that looks like your cat walked across your keyboard ???????? might not be the easiest to remember but a strong password can make all the difference. We can help devise passwords for you and your team to ensure they are as robust as possible and store them securely should you need a wee reminder now and again. Where possible we also encourage 2-factor identification which can be set up to run through us or directly to our clients.

A hacker who can’t find the ON button…on anything. Threat level: Low

2. Brute Force attacks – Hackers will sometimes use bots to try to guess your password by bombarding it with thousands of options in a short space of time. These brute force attacks can not only be successful at discovering weaker passwords but also slow your website down considerably. Fortunately, we use software that will block malicious IP addresses to minimise any disruption.

3. Choosing a reputable host for your website is a vital part of maintaining your web security. Not only does the host need to provide their own up-to-date security measures but they also need to suit the needs of your website. At Purple Imp we use one of the world’s most well respected and secure hosts meaning you can have full confidence in an uninterrupted service. What is more, it’s 100% carbon neutral so you can tick that off your sustainability wish list too!

A hacker who is planning to, I don’t know, shoot your password? Threat level- to himself: High. To you: Low

4. As with home computing, making sure your website has all the proper updates installed and backed up regularly is key in the battle against hackers. When you partner with Purple Imp it is not a case of us delivering a fancy new website then sending you on your merry way. We are constantly monitoring our websites, plug-ins, and suspicious traffic to make sure that your online business presence is in safe hands.

We are very proud of our record on security here at Purple Imp and with vigilance, cooperation, and planning, we aim to continue to rise to any threat that comes our way.

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