Hip’Search with Gizoogle

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a “gangsta”, then using a search engine that speaks your language would be “dope”, wouldn’t it?

Yep, it would.

That’s where
comes in.

First of all, it’s nothing to do with Google, let’s get that out the way. It’s more like Google’s mischievous stepbrother. A stepbrother who’s spent all his pocket money on Snoop Dogg CDs, The Wire DVDs and illegal drugs.

The beautifully simple premise of Gizoogle is its ability to translate innocent search results into strings of humorous – but terrifying – “gangsta-speak”.

For example, here’s what the site spits back at you after a seemingly innocuous search for a coffee shop in Scotland: “Find yo’ local Starbucks n’ git on over ta our asses up in store fo’ yo’ slick latte!”

Alright! Just don’t hurt me!

Of course, we ALL need a search engine with a bit of an edge; a search engine with a li’l bit of a temper; a search engine that isn’t afraid to ask, “Da f**k YOU looking at?!”

And, despite the fact you’re a skinny, middle-class white boy from the suburbs, you need to be able to search for XXXXXL white t-shirts, a bit of bling or a new dawg, without the “vanilla” of a traditional search engine “ruining your vibe”.

Be warned though, the website is intended for mature audiences only, and those under the age of 13 should seek adult supervision.

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