Mobile Application Development

For any commercial enterprise, instant, flexible and engaging interaction with the customer is golden. Thanks to the ready availability of high-tech mobile app solutions, Purple Imp have helped a wide variety of clients to reach out to their existing customers and potential newcomers in a way that at one time never seemed possible.

And with the ever-expanding mobile network and the sheer reach that 5G will allow, it’s easy to see that we are on the verge of a new revolution, one that will herald levels of customer engagement never before seen. If your business isn’t going to avail itself of such an opportunity, you could find yourself being left behind right from the start.

Whatever business you’re in, be it automotive, healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, leisure or just about anything else, communication with the customer is going to be crucial. You’ll be able to speak directly to them about your services, your campaigns, your special offers, price reductions, new products, fresh updates and more. You name it, you can shout from the rooftops about it.

But, even more impressive than that, software applications can encourage customer loyalty programmes that will keep your engagement ongoing for as long as possible. Speaking directly to the customers via their mobiles brings your company opportunities that simply never existed before. And with the help of our team of specialists, this can be the time when you finally shake off the restrictions of the past.

Purple Imp can help to get you up and running from scratch or can work with you to develop and enhance your existing mobile apps. We have the experience, the commercial nous, the technical skills and the passion for success to bring you a presence that will enable your company to really seize the day. Carpe that diem, because it’s time to stop wondering what you can achieve, and to start achieving it instead.

Take a look around you when you’re on a train, in a restaurant, at a sporting event or just walking down the street, and you’ll see people looking at their phones. Imagine the benefits to your organisation if they were looking at your app, interacting with it and doing business on it. They’re looking at something, why shouldn’t it be you? The benefits are all too obvious:

  • Engagement with your company will be available 24/7
  • The information you impart is instant, availability is at the touch of a button
  • Direct marketing can be via social media platforms, email, SMS and push notifications
  • Your logo will become instantly recognisable to anyone who has your app on their phone screen
  • You get to dictate exactly what you say to customers and how you say it
  • Increased loyalty leads to increased revenue
  • You’ll have access to data about customer habits, buying history, likes and dislikes, etc
  • Your customers will enjoy closer ties to the company, and a better understanding of the value you can offer

With help from Purple Imp, this unprecedented level of customer interaction can be yours, so what’s stopping you? If your rivals are already mobile-friendly, you could get left behind, and if they aren’t, here’s a golden opportunity to give your business a genuine advantage. Mobile phone ownership in the UK is at well over 80% of adults and that figure is climbing all the time. Can you afford not to have an app that can speak to them?

Purple Imp is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Scotland and with business partners around the globe. We have worked hand in hand with a number of clients to create bespoke mobile app solutions that have served to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement in a dramatic fashion. We’d love to help your business to do the same. As we always say, the devil is in the detail, so call the team today on 01382 699 660 to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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