Content Promotion

What’s the value in content? What’s the value in great content if no one ever sees it or can find it? The short answer, nothing!

In a perfect world, streams of people would flow to your site every single time you publish a new piece of content. As Kevin Costner said, build it and they will come. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the real world, sorry Kevin!

Your promotion plan needs to be guided by your persona plan.

Where do they spend their time online, on which platforms do they consume, share or interact with content, who influences them, what time of day are the most active, how often do they want to see content from you, how do they like to consume content, what headlines or email subject line will attract them?

Effective content promotion will vary, depending on the medium and the answers to the above.

Purple Imp is here to help, to create great content and promote it to your audience for maximum effect.

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