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Data-driven marketing is at the heart of Purple Imp’s approach, in order to ensure the decisions we take are informed from the analysis we conduct around you and your audience. That enables us to deliver maximum impact from the content we create.

Reverse engineering successful content gives remarkable insights to the content promotion undertaken and defines an outline framework for success for any future content that is being promoted.

Owned, earned and paid properties all play a part in the distribution process but just getting likes or retweets means nothing. The promotion needs to deliver relevant traffic that converts. That initial conversion may be a new engager who then turns into a new customer or brand ambassador, but it is essential to grow the audience to increase the conversion opportunities from your promoted content.

The average person is exposed to thousands of advertisements a day, so creating a general campaign strategy and hoping your message reaches the right audience generally won’t be successful.

Paid content promotion channels can include the relevant social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your audience demographic needs to be analysed to understand their behaviours, what motivates them, their needs and how best to serve them. By focusing on audience engagement and providing them with the right campaign content, they’re likely to be more receptive to your business and your products and services.

Marketing your business with innovative ideas, predicting future industry trends and choosing the correct channels to engage with your target demographic, we’ll be able to help you create strategies that are more relevant to your audience.

We can help build the perfect campaign strategy that provides creative direction for all your campaigns that will engage your target audience. We’ll do this by making sure your business is visible across all relevant marketing channels whilst keeping your business and commercial objectives at the forefront at all times.

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