Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you don’t use email or if you don’t have a way for visitors to your website to subscribe to your email lists you’re missing out on the huge potential to interact with your current, potential and future customers.

Our intelligent email marketing solutions with segmentation, personalisation, and relevancy allow us to work with you and the creative team to design a compelling email which will help increase sales, create greater brand awareness and more visits to the website.

Using the Purple Imp CRM solution, you can introduce personalisation to your email marketing by communicating with customers who visited a variety of pages on your website but did not take the action you wanted them to take. Tailoring the communication will help encourage the visitor to return and convert to a customer.

Design matters, in fact, the design is critical to the success of any email marketing campaign. Each email client will handle the HTML differently it is imperative that the design is tested and best practice is followed to avoid any rendering or delivery issues.

The creative team at Purple Imp work with the technical team to ensure the concepts created can be implemented.

It is critical to monitor the success and failings for any campaign to allow for all learning’s to be adopted and improvements made.

Knowing how recipients engaged with the emails and what content resonated best with them allows for the email campaign to mature and become more effective over time, like any part of digital marketing, email can also be optimised.

Google sponsored promotions introduced another way to serve email and generate more traffic through to your website.

They’re ads that appear in users Gmail inbox’s, above their emails.

Cleverly designed to look like an email, they expand to a full add (in a variety of formats) once clicked.