Competitor Analysis

Using Competitor Analysis

Digital media or online competitor research and intelligence help you gain insights into your competitors strengths, weaknesses, activity, visibility and more to help evolve your digital marketing strategy based on factual evidence.

Your plan will not be dictated by what your competitors are doing, but, this will help shape your short term and long term strategy to identify quick wins which makes everyone feel positive about a project or campaign.

Measure what Matters

Turning quantitative data into qualitative insights is the key to understanding why things are happening not just what is happening. Benchmarking your site against those competing in your search space.

From the evaluation of the competing sites link profiles and visibility over phrases to their onsite customer journey and engagement, all are key components which build a picture that helps us build a successful strategy together.

Continuous Tracking

After evaluating the competition to help define the strategy and activity it is important to monitor the competition ongoing.

To benchmark their improvements, growth or decline in line with your strategic growth.

Additionally, if new entrants to the market or search space appear, understanding how and why allows you to adapt appropriately.

Digital Behavioural Intelligence

Online customer’s journeys and interactions their behaviours are often undervalued, they are rarely ever leveraged to truly understand the motivations of the audience and the learning’s that can be extracted to build a picture for the future behaviour of your audience, your potential audience and visitors to your site.

Social media listening can help play a part in understanding behaviours and motivations but the interactions of your digital audience on your website and with your communications, email, for example, are critical.

Marketing Automation to Encourage Interaction

At Purple Imp one of our approaches to truly understanding the digital behaviour of your audience is using our marketing automation software to analyse all interactions from all devices that your audience engage with your site from, their interactions, behaviours, and challenges. This can help inform not only the strategy but onsite development to simplify the user journey and user experience.

Social Media Listening

Social media listening or social media monitoring is simply the process of identifying what is being said about your brands, product or service on the Internet. There are a variety of channels that people will use to talk about you, or your products or services from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.

If you are not aware of what’s being said about you, you can’t manage it or leverage it.

Using social listening can also feed your competitor intelligence identifying who and how they engage, who shares their content, what conversations are they involved in, what are they missing.