Analytics And Insights


Analytics And Insights

The most commonly used web analytics package is Google Analytics. Like others, GA provides the data necessary to yield the necessary insights to develop meaningful digital marketing strategies that deliver success.

Most people can use the basic functions in Google Analytics. However, it’s our depth of knowledge and experience that allows us to use the more advanced functions, drill down in all your data, understanding inherently how your audience engages with you, what works and what doesn’t and where best to invest your time and efforts going forward.

Everything is Measurable

Our experienced team of Google Analytics qualified search marketers have years of experience to draw on. We don’t only use Google Analytics, we have experience in a plethora of other analytics tools. as well – and all of them are designed for one thing: to track, measure and monitor the user behaviour of your visitors.

Any campaign you run as part of your digital marketing strategy, whether it’s email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, digital display, retargeting or SEO, should all be tagged accordingly and feeding into your analytics and CRM system to allow you to find the informed insights in the data that lead to actionable intelligence.

GTM makes it easy to update tags and code snippets on site, those intended for traffic analysis or optimisation that the development team would normally need to integrate into the website..

So whether you’re using Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Crazy Egg or Hotjar, UTM and UTC codes for email and social, you can easily control all of your tags and your data.

Our experienced team can set up all tags for you using GTM and ensure you are gathering the data you need.

Different sites will require different levels of data, interrogation and reporting. We can ensure your set up is complete and accurate for your needs, from demographic tracking to enhanced eCommerce.

There’s additional data accessible in analytics that does not come as part of the basic standard setup. Goals and event tracking can be used to understand the flow of the user journey through your site, complemented by funnel visualisation.

Segmenting your data can provide additional insights which will inform your digital strategy and the actions you’ll need to take.

If your in-house team are using analytics to inform your data insights, they may benefit from our Google Analytics audit where we evaluate your set-up to ensure you’re collecting the optimal data and suggest changes to help you get the most out of Analytics and the reports you generate. We also offer Google Analytics training workshops where we come into your working environment and work with your team to educate them on the advanced functions of Analytics and how they fit with your requirements.

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