Components Of Digital Marketing research

The Purple Imp approach to digital marketing research is one that uses both publicly available tools and our own proprietary developed suite that allows us to analyse data by building a 360, full spectrum view of your audience, your search vertical, your market opportunity.

Our combined approach ensures all of the intelligence gathered and evaluated during our market research is extremely powerful data.

However, data for data’s sake is meaningless.

Our experience and expertise in the field ensure the data is robust and reliable and the insights extrapolated are meaningful to drive your successful digital media strategy.

Your digital marketing research project could include one or a variety of components, for example, keyword research and linguistic profiling.

What are your customers searching for, what type of phrases and queries do they use, what should you be visible for?

Creating reliable and realistic representations of your audience, based on qualitative and quantitative research and web analytics, building a demographic and psychographic picture of who you need to appeal to and where you should be positioned.

Exploring the search vertical in which you’re competing with both your real competitors and your online competitors, those sites who occupy the valuable retail space that is page one of Google.

How best to position the offering and how to offset the competitors’ strengths and leverage their weaknesses.

What content do you have, what’s working and more importantly, what’s not? What do the competitors have and what’s working for them? What do the audience expect to see, need to see and where do you fall short of their expectations and needs? Once we know the gaps, we can help plug them.

Who is saying what and on which platforms? What positive and negative statements are being made about and around your brand, products or services? What are people saying about the competitors? What conversations are you missing that you could be part of? Who is influencing your audience?

When you know what’s being said, strategically through our social media management or content marketing, you can position the brand in the right social channels to impact the strategy.

Digital Marketing research

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Do you want to know what your competitors are doing? Do you want to know what sort of content is working? What’s being shared in your search vertical? Do you know who or what is influencing your digital ecosystem?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, and it should be if you want to have an online marketing strategy that will deliver success, then contact us to discuss your digital research requirements and discover the insights that will help you plan and achieve success.

Research, Plan, Deliver

Activity-based on guesses, hunches, or what everyone else is doing. Sound familiar? This isn’t a strategic approach.

Sometimes it’s good to trust your gut instincts, but, strategically, there’s more value in listening to your audience, your potential customers.

Evaluating and understanding their feedback, their likes and dislikes, their concerns, their wants, their needs and desires.

To allow you to re-position your brand and proposition, to allow you to create stories and marketing messages which resonate with your audience, to tailor your communications to a timescale which encourages them to visit, purchase and engage further.

Research is not driven by the highest paid person’s opinion.

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