If you’re looking to boost immediate traffic to your website, looking to drive targeted traffic that is in buying mode to convert sales and lower your cost per acquisition for customers, then you’re in the right place.

The Purple Imp paid management team manages small and large paid campaigns for a diverse array of clients and is experienced in using all methods of paid advertising and reporting the successes.

Whether you want to use

  • Google Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Bing Ads
  • App marketing

or you have a PPC campaign running at the moment and would benefit from our PPC audits, contact us today.

Paid Search Management Team

Our team includes Google Ads & Bing qualified paid search experts who are ready to help your business achieve your commercial goals online.

Our paid team, working closely with our SEO team, uses the intelligence gathered from running paid campaigns, which is invaluable to your overall optimisation, to help achieve your strategic objectives.

Increasing your relevancy to reduce your cost per acquisition is paramount for our paid search team. With their technical knowledge, their creative approach and their analytical prowess, your paid search campaign run by Purple Imp will be extremely targeted and highly successful.

We need to understand you

We need to understand you, your business, your objectives and the challenges you face.

Don’t think of us as an outsourced solution, our paid search management team are an extension of your internal teams – we’re a partner working with you to achieve a common goal: online success for you and your business.

A digital campaign requires a strategic approach, a structured plan for success.

At Purple Imp we look beyond the standard impressions, cost-per-click and click-through-rates and understand the metrics that mean more to you as a business, whether that is specific key performance indicators, the economic conditions of the search vertical, competitors activity, higher margin products or seasonality – we factor in all aspects to customise your paid search programme.

Your paid adverts

As is the case with much SEO research, paid search management research starts with understanding the market, the opportunities, the search queries, phrases and keywords the target audience uses.

The fancy name is linguistic profiling, understanding the language your buyer personas use and when and where they use it.

Why? To allow us to deliver the

Right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel on the right device.

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Who We Work With

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