Be Seen Be Heard

Digital PR, telling your Brand story

PR has and always will be a huge asset to any business regardless of if you are a start-up or an established brand. Digital PR is about positioning you as a thought leader and making the most of your online voice, building your share of voice in search results.

Digital PR is a function of the digital marketing strategy and has become more aligned with SEO over the last few years. The distribution of press releases online, working with journalists to position stories or bloggers who may be authoritative in your search vertical has a positive impact on your brand, but, working with a digital agency allows signals from those website properties to be leveraged which has a positive effect on your overall site optimisation.

Our team work across a variety of sectors and create and design digital PR campaigns that deliver results. We have had our clients featured in places of authority across the web that put our clients in front of the influencers and the audience that matter most to them.

While digital PR may have some SEO benefits, the purpose of the campaign is not just to generate links to a site, it is about promoting your brand in the places where your audience are actively engaged online.

Research is key to success. Who do you want to target and why and what story do you want to tell them are critical questions we need to ask ourselves. This will allow the team at Purple Imp to create a unique and compelling story targeted to your audience.

We may decide to use local PR, National PR, Trade PR or wider publications as part of a brand building or brand strengthening campaign.