Content Audits

What is Content Auditing?

We will assess your current content and competitors’ content to identify how your content is performing and whether the messages are consistent and clear. We use the following methods to achieve this:

  • Content audit
  • Content inventory
  • Gap analysis
  • Audience personas
  • Competitive analysis

From this we will identify opportunities for more effective content.

Content can help get more people to notice your brand and the products and services you’ve got to offer, because it not only helps build customer trust in your products or services, but build relationships with them too.

You can use content to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise about your business and encourage conversation about your brand, product or service. Most importantly, good content will encourage your customers to take action on your site.

Having relevant content can help improve your search engine visibility, which in turn helps you attract more people to your site.

Before embarking on creating new copy it is important to understand what content exists presently and how value from that content can be leveraged.

When undertaking a content audit, we identify the quality of your content and how well it engages your target audience at each stage of the customer journey.

We can then identify the content gap which exists and requires to be addressed to build your audience who will engage with your existing and new copy.