Content For Digital


Digital content is any type of content that is created for digital media and used as part of your digital strategy to communicate your brand’s proposition and position you as authoritative.

Imagine if content worked, every time, that digital content marketing just worked. Everyone would be doing it and you would have no competitive advantage. Well, it does work, but, it only works if you do it right.

By combining the services here at Purple Imp with research and planning to understand your business and your audience we can define a strategy around your business and your goals, where a clear plan is created focusing on what we need to achieve together.

Our creative team then utilise their years of experience to create content which will engage your audience, content that your audience loves and attracts the right type of traffic, the right types of visitors to your content and your site, new prospects who become customers and then, brand ambassadors.

Through content marketing and promotion, be that a combination of outreach, organic or paid you earn amazing coverage from social engagement, media, and publishers with paid, owned and earned channels that create a buzz in your audience and a buzz for the content.

It is then essential to feed that audience, keep them engaged, keep them interested, keep them coming back and buying your products and services by doing so you continually increase your online revenues.

The key for any paid promotion is to leverage the value to aid your organic search engine optimisation so you benefit in the long term.

Content Audits

Before embarking on creating new copy it is important to understand what content exists presently and how value from that content can be leveraged.

When undertaking a content audit, we identify the quality of your content and how well it engages your target audience at each stage of the customer journey.

We can then identify the content gap which exists and requires to be addressed to build your audience who will engage with your existing and new copy. Or, if there are any content duplication issues, onsite or offsite which may be affecting your website performance.